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15 years experience in this industry

Feiyu Machinery is a leading supplier of screw fasteners and furniture accessories packaging machines in China. Relying on the technical innovation of the automatic counting and packaging machine for hardware accessories for many years, the company has obtained a number of key technical patents, including: optical fiber counting device, this technology overcomes the limitation on the number of packaging materials and improves the accuracy of counting The rate can make the accuracy rate reach 100%.Weighing detection device, based on the invention of weighing and re-inspection scales, further ensures the 100% accuracy of the packaging quantity

In addition, the company has also developed a number of exclusive patented technologies, such as compartmental packaging technology, (for multi-material packaging, each material can be packaged into corresponding small compartments, one multi-compartment is a package) weighing and optical fiber mixed counting Technology (this technology applies counting packaging with multiple quantities in a single package, with high efficiency)

On the basis of developing various new technologies, the company is constantly researching and improving the overall stability of the packaging machine. Now it has become the first company in China to produce full-automatic screw packaging machines without care.

The company can also provide customers with technical consulting services, design and manufacture various non-standardized machines (customized packaging machines).

We are a leading and powerful screw hardware fastener packaging factory in China

Our machines are suitable for packaging various materials such as screws, nails, bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, glass parts, plastic parts, furniture accessories, toy accessories, tension nuts, gaskets, hardware and plastic parts.

Main types: counting packaging machines, weighing packaging machines, carton packaging machines, bagging machines, and custom sorting lines.


Customer Reviews

Spomen Dhar

Feiyu Machine, we have been working together for 6 years, we will increase production in the future, and will also choose Feiyu first, especially for the fastener industry.

Diana Ven

Diana Ven

I realized Feiyu at the Shanghai exhibition, and I currently purchase 2 bolt bagging machines, which are very stable and great for the technical level.

Alex Mastt

Alex Mastt

A friend's company is using Feiyu's machine to package furniture accessories. It is recommended to us. The current product condition is very good.

Zack Lee

Zack Lee

We are very happy that we have won the agency rights, the regional demand is very high, and we are also grateful to Feiyu for his technical support.

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