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Micro Screw Packing Machine

It is suitable for a package of 1-5000 pieces/bag, weighs and counts fiber packages, and adopts a PLC control system. Strong sealing, smooth and beautiful bag shape, high efficiency and durability are the preferred elements. Automatically sort, count, pack and print

Packing size:L200-380mm, W200-330mm
Packing type:Upper and lower sealing
Packing material:PE tube film
Counting capacity:1-5000 pcs/bag
Packing speed:10 bags/min

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.
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  • Product Details
It adopts a measuring cup measuring system, suitable for packaging tiny items, and is often used in the mobile phone accessories industry. The customized cover and enviornment friendly film conform to the CE certification standard. And the cover can effectively reduce noise and dust. PE barrel film is durable and cheap, can reduce the cost in the long term.
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Packing size
L200-380mm, W200-330mm
Packing type
Upper and lower sealing
Packing material
PE tube film
Counting capacity
1-5000 pcs/bag
Packing speed
10 bags/min
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Internal structure
There is weighing box, fiber counting and control system of vibrating feeder, can measure the number of items you want accurately and quickly.
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Customized vibrating feeder

This special vibrating feeder is customized. Due to these screws are parts of phone, so small, but vibrating feeder can guarantee accuracy of 99.5%.
Feiyu Introduction
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Company Profile
Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Our automatic packaging machines used in 30+ countries, to reduce labor cost and increase capacity for industries, such as Furniture, Electronic, Fastener, Pipe, Garment, Toy and Stationery industry.

– Furniture parts (Fittings, Fastener, Hinge, Lock, etc.)
– Electronic machinery and appliance spare parts (Mobile Phone Screw, Cable Clip, etc.)
– Fastener (Screw, Bolt, Nut, Washer, Nail, Small Hardware, O-Rings, etc.)
– Plastic, pipe fittings (Pipe, Joint etc.)
– Clothes parts (Button, Slider etc.)
– Toys (Toy Building Brick, Dice etc.)
– Stationery (Mark, Pen, Clip etc.)
– Other regular shape parts

Our automatic packing machines can count and pack the same item or mixed items into the package. We obtain CE-CoC certificate for certain series of our packaging machine (ask our sales team for details).

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