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Multi-Function Automatic Plastic Golf Tee Hardware Packing Machine

It is suitable for mixed packaging of 1-40 kinds of items, adopts PLC control system, and is easy to operate. Strong sealing, smooth and generous bag shape, high efficiency and durability are the preferred elements. It can provide automatic ordering, counting, packing and printing. Equipped with exhaust, printer, labeller, conveyor belt and checkweigher makes it even better.

Packing size: L20-180mm; W50-140mm
Power supply:AC220v/50hz/2KW
Packing speed:10-60 bags/min
Packing type:Mixed/Single/Compartment
Packing material:PP/PA/PE/CPP/PET
Counting capacity:1-20pcs/bag; 1-30kinds/bag
Machine size:L2200mm, W1500mm, H1650mm

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Automatic Hardware Packing Machine is an automatic hardware packing machine. It is specially designed for the packaging of various types of hardware accessories, featuring high efficiency, precision and reliability. This kind of machine can automatically complete the steps of counting, packaging and sealing, which greatly improves the production efficiency and packaging quality.

The Automatic Hardware Packing Machine uses advanced sensors and control systems to accurately process hardware of all sizes and sizes. It is equipped with adjustment properties, which can be adjusted and customized according to different types and requirements of hardware accessories, ensuring that every package is accurate.

The machine is easy to operate, just put the hardware accessories into the hopper, set the required quantity, and the machine can automatically complete the packaging process. It also has automatic fault detection and alarm functions to ensure the stability and safety of the production process.

Automatic Hardware Packing Machine is widely used in hardware manufacturing industries, such as furniture, construction, electronics, automobiles, etc. Whether it’s screws, nuts, bolts or other types of hardware, this machine can handle packaging needs of different sizes and needs.

Automatic Hardware Packing Machine is an efficient, precise and reliable hardware packaging solution. It helps companies improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure the packaging quality and consistency of hardware accessories. This is an indispensable device for businesses that need a lot of hardware accessories packaging.

Scope of Application

Applicable to screws, nails, bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, glass parts, plastic parts, toys, gaskets, hardware, block and granular materials

machine details


Model FY-240C FY-420C
Packing size L: 30-180mm, W: 50-140mm L: 50-300mm, W: 50-200mm
Max film width 300mm 420mm
Packing material PA/PE, PP/CPP, PET/PE PA/PE, PP/CPP, PET/PE
Counting capacity 1-20pcs/bag; 1-40 kinds/bag 1-20pcs/bag; 1-40 kinds/bag
Packing speed 10-60 bag/min 10-60 bag/min
Power AC220V/50-60Hz/2kW AC220V/50-60Hz/2kW
Machine size L*W*H: (n/2*600+2200mm)* 1500* 1650mm, n=the Qty of vibration bowl L*W*H: (n/2*600+2200mm)* 1500* 1650mm, n=the Qty of vibration bowl

Fastener industry: screws, nuts, nails, washers, etc.
Hardware industry: decorative hardware, architectural hardware, various hardware accessories, etc.
Electrical industry: electrical accessories, electrical installation packages, electrical accessories and other packages
Plastic and rubber industry: earplugs, buttons, plastic parts, rubber gaskets
Electronic industry: electronic components, parts, accessories
Auto parts industry: automobiles, bicycles, electric vehicles
Bathroom cabinet industry, furniture industry, solar energy industry and other industries

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