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Plastic Parts Packing Machine

It is suitable for single-item packaging and 2-3 kinds of mixed-item packaging, and it is easy to operate with the PLC control system. Strong sealing, smooth and elegant bag shape, high efficiency and durability are the preferred elements. It can provide automatic order placement, counting, packaging and printing. Equipped with exhaust, printer, labeller, conveyor belt and checkweigher makes it even better.

Model: FY-240A
Packing size: L20-180mm; W50-85mm
Power supply: AC220v/50hz/2KW
Packing speed: 10-70 bags/min
Packaging material: PP/PA/PE/CPP/PET
Counting capacity: 1-20 pieces/bag; 1-3 kinds/bag
Machine size: L1500mm, W1200mm, H1650mm

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Plastic Parts Packing Machine Machine for packing plastic parts. It uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to complete the packaging process quickly and efficiently. With a variety of functions and features, it can adapt to plastic parts of different sizes and shapes.

Plastic Parts Packing Machine has the feature of automation, which can automatically complete the counting, packaging, sealing and other processes, which greatly improves the production efficiency and packaging quality. It also has adjustable properties, which can be adjusted and customized according to different packaging needs, ensuring that each plastic part can be accurately packed.

Plastic Parts Packing Machine is widely used in the plastic product production and packaging industry, such as auto parts, electronic parts, toys, household items and other fields. It not only improves production efficiency, but also protects the integrity and quality of plastic parts, saving manpower and time costs for enterprises.

Scope of Application

Applicable to screws, nails, bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, glass parts, plastic parts, toys, gaskets, hardware, block and granular materials

Machine details



Model FY-240A FY-420A
Packing size L: 30-180mm, W: 50-140mm L: 50-300mm, W: 50-200mm
Max film width 300mm 420mm
Packing material PA/PE, PP/CPP, PET/PE PA/PE, PP/CPP, PET/PE
Counting capacity 1-20 pcs/bag; 1-3 types/bag 1-20 pcs/bag; 1-3 types/bag
Packing speed 10-70 bag/min 10-70 bag/min
Power AC220V/50-60Hz/2kW AC220V/50-60Hz/2kW
Machine size 1500mm(L)* 1200mm(W)* 1650mm(H) 1500mm(L)* 1200mm(W)* 1650mm(H)
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