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Semi Automatic Weighing And Counting Screw Box Packing Machine

It can pack screws, nails, plastic parts, hardware, and other types of materials. It adopts PLC control system and is suitable for sky and earth covers, aircraft boxes, floor boxes, plastic boxes, and partition plastic boxes.

Model: FY-B01
Box size: customer size
Packing speed: 6-10 boxes/min
Packing material: Plastic box, paper box
Power supply: AC220v/50hz-60hz/2KW

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semi automatic weighing and counting screw box packaging machine is a professional equipment used for packaging screws. It combines semi automatic operation and precise counting technology to improve production efficiency and packaging accuracy

Semi automatic operation:

The semi-automatic weighing and counting screw box packaging machine has a user-friendly semi-automatic operation interface, allowing the operator to easily control the packaging process. This means that operators need to perform some manual tasks during the packaging process, but the counting and packaging functions of the machine are automated.

Weighing and Counting Technology:

The machine is equipped with precise weighing and counting technology, capable of accurately counting and distributing screws into each box. This ensures that each package has a consistent quantity, helping to reduce scrap and improve the quality of the package.

Suitable for various screws:

The semi-automatic weighing and counting screw box packaging machine can adapt to various screw sizes, shapes and types. This flexibility makes it ideal for different screw applications.

Improve production efficiency:

By automating the counting and packaging process, this machine significantly improves production efficiency. It helps you complete packaging tasks faster and reduces the need for manual operations.

Precise Packaging:

Thanks to its high-precision counting technology, this machine ensures that the number of screws in each package is accurate, reducing errors and inconsistencies.




Model FY-B01
Box size According to customer size
Power supply AC220v/50hz-60hz/2KW
Packing material Plastic box, paper box
Packing speed 6-10 boxes/min


PLC control system
7 inch touch screen, easy operationand multiple language for choice.
Customized language operation interface

Weighing Box
The weighing box can quickly measurethe weight of the items, which is efficientand accurate.
Single scale box can weigh 6-8 times/min

Fiber Counting System
Vibrating bowl with high accuracyfiber counting device (Optex)
Orbital vibrating bowl is suitable for screws

Magnetic elevator
Magnetic elevator ensures items toadsorb on the elevator uniformly anddeliver to weighing box quickly.
Non-magnetic items can use belt elevator

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