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High Quality Screw, Fastener, Hardware Packing Machine - Feiyu Packing Machinery Factory

We offer a wide range of high quality screw packing machine, fastener packing machine and hardware packing machine. Our machine are designed for accuracy, efficiency and speed. Get in touch today to experience the best packaging solution for your business!

Our machines are suitable for packing machines for screws, nails, bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, glass parts, plastic parts, furniture accessories, toy accessories, blind nuts, gaskets, hardware and plastic parts, etc.

Main types: counting packaging machines, weighing packaging machines, cartoning packaging machines, bagging machines, custom hardware sorting lines, etc.

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Our customers come from all over the world

  • For End Users

    For End Users

    Ensure packaging quality and stability, reduce errors and waste in the packaging process, and improve product competitiveness.

  • For Channel Partners

    For Channel Partners

    As an established business group we offer an excellent business opprotunity for Distributors & Retailers.

  • For Manufacturers

    For Manufacturers

    Reduce production stoppage and waste caused by packaging, reduce labor costs and quality control costs, and improve product consistency and stability.

  • Complete Supply Chain

    Complete Supply Chain

    With a stable and complete supply chain, we can get literally with a lower cost & more consistent quality.

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